How to get the most out of your flowers when buying cut flowers and bouquets from your local florist.

1.) Use a clean vase for your cut flowers.
Clean vases with a teaspoon of bleach. Either scrub and rinse, or leave to sit in warm water for a few hours.

Flowers for the home

Replace Kale bouquet water frequently for long lasting results.

2.) Add clean tepid water.
A few drops of bleach will keep the water clean and free of bacteria. This will help your flowers to thrive!

Mixed Bouquet @williamsflorist

3.) Remove all leaves from the part of the stem that will be submerged in water. (Leaves contain bacteria and fungi which will quickly proliferate and spoil the water.)

Green and white blooms @williamsflorist

Most of our customers know the next one, but do they know why? Why do we cut flower stems on an angle? There are two correct responses, leave us a comment below if you know another…

4.) Cut stems underwater and on an angle.
Always use sharp secateurs, scissors or a knife. Using blunt tools will damage the base of the stem and prevent water up-take.
Cutting flowers on an angle prevents the stems from sitting on the bottom of the vase, therefore preventing necessary water uptake.
An angled stem also gives the flower more surface area to drink from.

Flower Bouquet

Dahlia and Eucalyptus Bouquet @williamsflorist

5.) Mindfully place flowers in the vase being careful not to jam them in. This ensures stems aren’t squashed against the bottom of the vase

Flowers for all Occasions

Cut Roses and Gerberas underwater for longer lasting blooms.

6.) Choose display site carefully.
Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. For example: heaters, lamps and television sets.

Hydrangea Flowers

Pink Hydrangea – Benefit from having its stems split vertically to ensure adequate water uptake.

7.) Change water regularly.
Every 2-3 days re-trim stems under water and change the vase water.


Cut Roses under water to remove air bubbles caught in the stem.

8.)Remove spent flowers.
Dying or damaged flower and leaves emit ethylene. Prolong the life of your blooms and ensure spent flowers are removed asap.

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