Rhythm the state of flow / the visual spectrum of your arrangement.

The eye must move to and from not only each side, edge of an arrangement and also follow through the components of the floral arrangement where space is left to feature.

Encouraging the eye to move around and follow the physical structure and placement of your flowers.

To hold the viewers attention the Elements and Principles of Design are in sync with each other.

Using colour, space, texture and form to hold the viewers attention.



Achieving dominance is achieved through selecting appropriate blooms, foliages, containers and packaging.

When speaking of dominance the focus emphasised is on a particular element within the design.

Generally speaking this will be the centre of gravity for your arrangement, the point of difference.

Keep in mind the natural rhythm of the design and the dominant feature will initially attract the eye engaging the viewers eye.

Though holding the viewers attention requires using all of the principles of design.



Essentially complimenting space, expressing love and gratitude, these are reasons why we must always have flowers, always.


In case you missed it; Part I and Part II of the Elements and Principles of Design cover the principles of Balance, Proportion, Scale, Harmony and Contrast.
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Elements and Principles of Design

Part II – The Elements and Principles of Design