elements and principles

Each principle plays an important role in the design process and when used correctly will correlate with the four elements outlined in Part I of The Elements and Principles of Design Blog.
As a part of a three part series, part II will comb over the first three Principles: Balance, Proportion and Scale.

The key to finding balance when using flowers is to use spacing, which allows the flower to fully bloom over the duration of it’s life cycle.

Using foliage as a substitute is a perfect option to consider and brings us to the use of multiple flowers and the balance between flower size; as this is where the form and texture comes into play as well as ensuring the colour balance of your flowers are compatible, using blooms from the same family or season is helpful in achieving balance in your flower arrangement.

Proportion: The form of the container or vase you are using will also have an impact on your design, using appropriate textured and sized containers provides the perfect base that all designers rely on.

When purchasing flowers be sure to ask what your Florist’s vase or container recommendations are.

Scale: By now you can see that all of the Principles and Elements of Design relate to one another and it is no exception when it comes to scale.

Using flowers that relate to each in size is crucial so as one bloom can relate to another in an arrangement without overpowering or becoming lost.

Using complimentary foliage and flowers is a must.