Being loved and accepted unconditionally is what the majority of the population yearns for; to be our truest, most pure form, to bloom in the presence of our family and friends without fear of judgement or prejudice and to gather together and enjoy a laugh.

Being that life is so busy in the age of technology we sometimes get caught up in our own day-to-day lives that the laissez-faire approach to the way we are connecting with our loved ones, customers and peers is transforming the way we communicate effectively in the “real world.”
So, what is it that naturally binds us together??


A few years ago, we remember hearing about “the lonely bouquet project“, which not only has become a global trend and a testament to the empaths out there but a true representation of the human need to feel and reciprocate compassion. With the purpose of the cause “A movement dedicated to spreading happiness and smiles, one flower at a time.”
As Florists there is no comparison to the brief of ‘just because‘, and even better to simply make someone smile when perhaps they are not having the best of days.

Williams Floral Services has been a part of the local community of Oakleigh for decades and the ability to service the suburbs of Melbourne, Interstate and Worldwide through Interflora (being one of the earliest members) which allows each day to become a memorable reminder ‘to love and to be loved.’

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