As students of nature, floristry allows us the privilege of exploration.
The exploration of texture, colour, scent and emotion.

We are able to explore the world, with flowers being imported from regions worldwide and create whole new worlds through the key elements and principles of design.

What do we love about the industry?

We can hear the music when the flowers sing to us opening gracefully, with the full appreciation of their natural movement and often find ourselves dancing or talking back to the all understanding blooms.
Flowers can take you to the distant past of a memory or bring you right back into the present where someone is standing in front of you with a bunch of flowers just to make you smile…

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We love that there is no end of creative inspiration with plenty of help from our customers.
From listening to your stories, and sharing memories with you, smelling the scent of sweet perfumed roses together and creating life long friendships and connections through our love of flowers.
We gain a perspective that we would have once been without, and we grow as designers and artists with each new customer we have the pleasure of meeting and servicing.

When the air around the flowers is as important as the flowers themselves clients find themselves with more and more options when it comes to their flower requirements, as floristry design has transformed. Much like the process of a flower developing from a bud to a fully open bloom. What was once about bulk blooms is now about clean, simplistic lines that allow the use of choice flowers and by using the design principles to create arrangements that compliment all of the elements of design we can create impressive and dramatic works of art.

Over the coming weeks we will talk about the principles of design that make the elements work, providing tips, tricks and DIY options you can utilise at home.

We hear often ‘how lovely it must be to work amongst flowers on a daily basis’ and though our hands may grow weary and worn and our legs somedays feel as though they can’t go on, we have have to agree.
Floristry is a perfectly wonderful profession, though strap on your boots and don’t let the charm of flowers fool you much like a pet, flowers do still need love and affection and caring for to ensure the final recipient receives fresh, quality flowers so as the both the sender and the receiver gets the benefit of the feel-good-factor, that we all enjoy when giving or receiving flowers. And as for us your florists, we wouldn’t trade our tools of trade for anything, we are constantly evolving with a full understanding of the necessity of moving with change, providing more sustainable options in terms of packaging, presentation and time.