The countdown to Mother’s Day 2017 is on…

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year a mother’s job is never done and although we celebrate them on Mother’s Day with fresh flowers, chocolates and breakfast in bed we think they deserve celebrating year round, and for that matter all women alike.

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  • Carefully remove spent blooms, as some flowers will be longer lasting than others and flowers at the end of their life spans will contaminate remaining quality flowers with bacteria, as will leaves and foliage that sit below the waterline in your vase.
  • Cut flowers should be trimmed on an angle about 2cm from the base before replacing in clean water.
  • Position flowers away from direct sunlight and draughts, also be sure not to place them on top of or near electrical appliances that emit heat such as your television or microwave.

For more tips and tricks to help you care for your flowers visit the Interflora Flower Care Page here.

As a member of Interflora, Williams Florist is bound by and promotes the Interflora guarantee; the freshness, flower quality and value of every Interflora relay order, each Interflora arrangement delivered by its members is created by a professional Interflora florist and delivery will be made on the date requested and every effort will be made to meet requests as to preferred times.

We spend so much time fretting about what to get mum for Mother’s Day and so if you were a customer of any of Australia’s talented Florist’s over the weekend be sure to remind your mum of the importance of caring for her flowers now that she has placed them in a vase in her home.

As mother’s ourselves we understand how little time we have to be dilly-dallying around, though with a little care we’ll help you get the longevity you deserve from the flowers you received from those who love and appreciate you the most.