What a start to the year! Who can believe it’s already almost June?

Key events in the Floristry calendar like St.Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day demand a keen eye for detail.
Precision planning and careful preparation goes hand in hand with experience and expert knowledge.
These are essential components in business that allow owner/operators to be wiser in their decision making.

Mother’s Day… What a whirlwind of emotions!

Peonie Roses, Silver Suede and Eucalyptus Gum Bouquet

The team of Florists that work tirelessly to ensure Mum has the freshest and best quality flowers are often also mother’s themselves.

So, what’s the very best thing about Mother’s Day?
The love that we have for our own mothers, the mothers we know and for each other.
Mother’s Day is one of those days you get to have fun meeting and serving our friends in our community.

In an average week waking up at 3am to head to the market and closing up shop at 530pm is a regular weekly occurrence.
To ensure the freshest flowers arrive at your door, this is a necessity owner Kathleen Nicolis does not take for granted.
Mother’s Day week and key events in the floristry calendar demand a little more attention and so the action never stops.
And by Monday a few strong coffees are in order to keep us going!

Williams Florist 16-20 Station Street, Oakleigh

Mother’s Day, the doors are open just before 6am.
The birds are yet to start singing and yet in the streets people are starting to stir.
A few dads drop past on their morning run, another rings the bell of his bike and loads up for the ride home.

‘Pre-ordering flowers for big occasions is such a time saver so using a trusted reputable brand is a must.’

A fact to make you faint:
The total combined number of years of experience that makes up the team at Williams Florist is close to 100years.

By 7am we’ve had our first lot of kids through the door picking out potted plants and plenty of brightly coloured blooms for Mum. 730am and our prayers for coffee and donuts has been answered!

Working alongside the ladies that make the magic happen on the daily makes days like Mother’s Day one of the best days of the year.
Watching the love and care that goes into each bouquet and arrangement is inspiring on so many different levels. From the guided assistance of choosing complementary blooms and a container to match. The make-up of the order and sending them out with our trusty delivery man Peter. Resting assured it will brighten up someones day is the best feeling in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day!