It’s a race against time.

Millions of Men and Women from all around

the world work around the clock to

bring flowers into our homes.

In Australia we are so lucky to have the
perfect growing conditions for many cut blooms.
We have a multitude of choice when
it comes to seasonal year round
cut flower production
Though every now and then no matter
how hard we may wish we cannot bend the weather.
The ‘must have’ flower for
your occasion can, with adequate
time import flowers from
the best flower markets in the world.
From passionate love, abject apology, from joyful celebrations to
profound grief they mark the most important part of our lives.
Flowers can knock off the rough edges off life,
they mark the most important parts of our lives.
They are the most fragile and beautiful things on this planet and we
give them to express our most powerful feelings.
It all began towards the end of the 19th century when Dutch
Farmers and Gardeners decided to grow flowers and sell them
to supplement their income, this idea evolved and the growers
then came up with a plan to all get together and sell flowers at
auctions. It gave buyers a wider choice of flowers at a better
price due to competition from one another.
In the 1920’s dutch buyers would travel all
through Europe to sell their blooms, these were
known as the flying dutch
men, from there grew
a new market industry speck vans.
In an ever changing environment
The Cut Flower Industry is rapidly changing.
And yet, it is still the Rose that captures our attention,
50 million roses are put out to auction to be
sold all around the world each day. 70 % of roses are grown in
countries with 70% perpetual sunshine.
Roses are shipped from as far as Kenya and
are done within a matter of 24hours,
fresh flowers on our doorstep.