“The day is suppose to be celebrated for lovers to express their love for each other or for someone they secretly admire.” – Kathleen , Owner/ Chief @williamsflorist

Valentines Heart

Valentines Day dates back to somewhere between the 3rd and the 13th Centuries where legend is said that there were many St. Valentines:

One in particular was imprisoned and executed for secretly performing weddings amongst soldiers and young couples; he believed in the sacrifice of devotion to the cause of love and would pass along paper hearts to soldiers on their bidding.

Traditionally Valentines Day is flowers and chocolates, now it seems everyone has jumped on the band wagon. Fresh flowers provide a sweet gentle reminders to turn your compost heap and most importantly to smile in the presence of nature.

‘On the tag neatly tucked in the ribbon of your chocolates and flowers… Be brave. Take a chance, whether it be to our spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or someone we have secretly admired from afar, let’s keep the romance alive!’

Lets go back in history with our example St. Valentine, signing off…

‘your Valentine’