2016 brings with it a magnificent milestone for Williams Florists’ owner Kathleen and it all started by accident in 1986, when she was first introduced to the Floral Industry… Around Christmas time she joined the team at Premier Florist in Sandringham, working for her cousin and has since been in the industry close to thirty years.

For the past 15 years Kathleen has been the owner and operator of Williams Floral Services, which consists of both the Florist shop and Nursery which have been in operation for close to 85 years.

Kathleen started and completed her apprenticeship with Mr Williams and is currently the third owner of the business in it’s longstanding, reputable history.

It’s no wonder that the most inspiring and enjoyable part of the Florist trade for Kathleen is: the clients’ the team at Williams Florist are able to meet and the collaboration process that is essential to the trade; requiring experience, knowledge, wisdom and patience.

The team at Williams would like to wish you a Happy New Year.
“May your vases always be full of fresh flowers.”

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