Review your favourites, small business loves you!

Hey Williams Flower Fam!

Today in our blog we thought we’d feature how important it is for local business to receive reviews from their clients. Love it? Review It! From weddings to funerals and all of life important occasions as your local Florist we’re here to enhance and compliment your experiences.

Having the opportunity to hear from you enables us to continue to deliver to you the very best in quality and service.

There are so many places to leave a review so where to start?

Social Media

Leaving a review on Facebook or by commenting on posts on Instagram is a great way to support your favourite local business. This helps us to be seen by our community. As much as we’d rather spend 100% of our time arranging flowers, social media is a great way for us to show you what we have in-store and connect with you. We can celebrate your wins with you and share our support when in need. We love connecting with you so flick us a DM or share, like or comment on a post and we’ll be right there beside you.

As well as the most well known social media platforms adding a review on platforms such as yelp or google is also helpful and appreciated. Not only are you support a local small business but you are helping your community find great local business near you.

Our online store enables all of our customers (local, interstate and overseas) to order directly from our Interflora catalog. Here you can also find our blog which you can interact with directly or send us a message, we’d love to hear from you.

We also have a website dedicated entirely to weddings.

Know someone who’s getting married? Check out our profile on See reviews, pictures of our work and check out the vast range of wedding vendors Victoria has to offer. We’re spoiled for choice!


The last few weeks you may have seen posts relating to how much support local businesses need to survive. Especially in the cooler months in Melbourne. Like it? Love it!
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